421 Yard Sale

421 Yard Sale
Annually, The First Friday& Saturday of May.




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Some folks may think that we are against setting up just anywhere on the roadside and that vendors must be at an approved location. Vendors may set up anywhere they have permission to do so. If you do have a spot in mind, be sure there is room for traffic to get completely clear of the highway. We do not assume any responsibility for accidents.

Our intention is to have any community or individual along US421 be part of this event.

Vendor Tips:

Before deciding to have a yard sale at your house, consider if you have adequate parking to handle an additional 4 or 5 cars parked near your house at one time. Another option is to rent a table or space at a yard sale put on by a local church or civic group.

Expect early birds. Some sellers love them, others hate them. Some particularly pesky yard sale early birds have been known to "drop in" the day before the sale and say they aren't able to come the next day and ask to shop early. Mainly these are experienced dealers who want to find diamonds in the rough that they'll turn around and sell for a tidy profit.

Do not sell anything without the owner's approval. (Example: your grown children's old toys, baseball card collections, etc.)

Don't insult your customers. It can happen even when you are not trying. Even if you feel insulted by a haggler's offer, thank them for the offer and say I can't do that. Suggesting your old weight loss book or DVD to a heavy person may not be appreciated, even though you and I know they could benefit from it. It's a good idea to keep your eyes on your customers, but don't stare at them or hover inches away. I get annoyed at yard sale sellers who are a little too overbearing and has to tell me a story about every item I touch and what a good deal it is.

Although you may have the friendliest dog in the world, it's best to keep them away from your yard sale. Some people are afraid of dogs or are allergic.

I like yard sales where people have put prices on everything. The price should be on top of an item, not on the bottom. I know it's a lot of work, but worth it because you won't have people asking every two minutes, "how much do you want for this?" Make it obvious. If you're selling a sofa - you can't expect the buyer to be looking all over for some tiny sticker.

A general rule of thumb, price items about a quarter or third of what they would cost new.
When pricing items, keep in mind that "a third of what it costs new" is only a guideline. Age and condition will play a role in pricing.

If you are selling clothes on racks, use the cheap metal hangers. That way if the buyer wants to keep the hanger, they can.

Put some effort into your sale and really try to sell stuff by making it the most attractive it can be. At least hose the dirt and dust off. If you are selling an old basketball, make sure it is full of air. If something needs batteries to run, put batteries in it so it works - it will help it sell. Use some half-used batteries with enough power left to show that the item works. Or tell them up front the batteries aren't included and are only to demonstrate that the item does work.

Ever notice how hard a woman has to work to convince a man to stop at a yard sale? To solve this, set out an old lawn mower or power tools out front in plain view of the road, and you'll get more business.

You may get a customer who wants to "help" you by totalling up their purchases ahead of time and giving you the total. It may be a ploy to sneak some high-dollar items into the pile or not paying the true full amount. If this happens just say that you need to go through it because some of the things belong to your sister in law and you need to check what they are so you can divide the money fairly.

Make sure any items you don't want to sell are put away. If you don't, that will be the one item the buyer wants. I unloaded my items at a sale and some guy wanted to buy my spare tire I had left leaning against the trailer.

GUARD YOUR MONEY! Have coins and small bills available to make change. If you don't, your first customer will be trying to buy .50 worth of stuff with a $20 bill. Do not leave your money laying around in a box. Wear a fanny pack or carpenter's apron and you'll always have your money with you. When making change, don't pull out a wad of bills. As the sale continues you may want to divert some of the bills to either a separate compartment or to a safe location.

Don't accept checks unless you are willing to take the risk of getting a bad check. A check that looks perfectly fine may be from a closed bank account.

Have plastic grocery bags available to put sold items in. If selling breakables, have newspaper available to wrap fragile items. Having a calculator handy is helpful in totaling up purchases.

Have plenty of extra plastic grocery bags. This is the type of thing that other yard sale vendors will forget and I think I score brownie points with the shoppers who walk up to my table with their hands full of purchases and I offer them a free bag.

If you have kids, involve them by having them set up their own table selling their old toys. Explain to them if they get rid of their old outgrown toys, they'll make space to put the new toys that they buy themselves with the money they earn.

To avoid any hassles later on, post a sign that says "All Sales Final".

Expect that some buyers will expect you to bargain with them. If it's early in the morning and you don't want to bargain, just say "I think it's worth my price. I may be willing to lower the price later in the day if it doesn't sell."

Don't assume everyone going to yard sales are fun and happy people. Just like in the real world, shop-lifters and shady characters go to yard sales too. These people are few and far between so it shouldn't deter you from having a fun day a the yard sale. Just be aware and don't leave expensive easy to slip into a purse or pocket items unattended.

If possible, invite a neighbor or friend to join you in your yard sale. It's also cheaper to split any costs with someone. The more stuff you have available to sell the better. And having a lot of customers at a sale entices other people to stop too.



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